Leksikon av nødvendige kunnskaper


In this pivotal time, humanity has the duty to reinvent itself. If each of our actions is connected to the world, we have the power to change it and participate in the transition, by reconsidering our way of living, living, traveling, working ... All of us are aware of it, but we do not know how to do it.

This cooperative workshop was an invitation to build a new modernity in which we will be an actor of an ideal future, by updating local know-how, rendered obsolete by the era of globalized industrialization: repair and reuse instead of buying, share the goods instead of possessing them, share the knowledge instead of protecting it, collaborate instead of constructing hierarchies.

Together, we mapped the forgotten knowledge that each student is carrying (himself, his family, his relatives) and laid the foundations for a multiform encyclopedia: diagrams, diagrams, tables, indexes, fragments, anthology ...

During the first day, we made the presentation, inventory of the index, co-creation of its event. The second day: the investigation of the essential know-how and putting in clean of the formulation of each one of them; and the third day: the exchange of know-how, co-creation and implementation of its ephemeral and light visual manifestation in the collective spaces of the school.

These three days propose to question different types of collaborative projects through artists and personalities from the world of art: how does the artist initiate interactions with other fields of thought? What spaces, physical and theoretical, produce joint projects? And then, what becomes of the status of the author? The resulting programs make it possible to report on these exchanges, particularly through the eyes of students.

Podcast "The Worlds of Art"

Animated show by Estelle Nabeyrat for * DUUU (64 minutes).
With Olivier Vadrot, Birgitta Ralston, Nelson Pernisco, Raphael Haziot (Yes We Camp), Grégory Jérôme (Solidarity Economy of Art), and students Laura Jacob, Juliette Jacquet, Mehdi Laid, Daphne Demange, Laura Heintz.

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