Samlande nabolag

Transformative Design process including Design Thinking
Commercial development of the Rue de la République
with Make-it-Marseille
pour Constructa
Marseille, France

We conducted a Work Camp to connect the street Rue de la République to it's citizens and develop usage scenarios to cater to locals needs in Marseille, France. Structured by a mix of expert sessions, active exercises and in-situ investigations, the focus was on the development of a collaborative team spirit within multidisciplinary teams. To find new ideas, we worked on heightening the participants creative confidence in order to dare to address unknown situations.

Empathic neighborhood

The proxemic specificities between inhabitants to find new potential connections and develop an updated “home” model. Sustainable thinking and acting are muting our present consumer society. We realise that not everyone needs to own everything, foods could be grown more locally and we could create our own energy in independent private units. This mutation could be the departure point for new reasons of interaction.

The Marseillais

I tverrfaglige team drog fagfolk innan eigedom og byutvikling ned til gata for å møte folk i Rue de la République. De fordjupa seg i innbyggjarane sin verkelegheit, for å verkeleg forstå deira realitet og behov.

Triumph of space

Tre scenario ble utvikla frå reelle møter med tre forskjellige type brukarar av Rue de la République. Scenarioa som brukar forskjellige tidsrammer; frå rytmen på ein dag, til eit heilt liv, iscenesetter korleis innbyggjane ville kunne samhandle og bu i nabolaget "la République". Scenarioa innehelder tenester og gateutforming for å gjøre den essensielt i kvardagen til innbyggerne i Marseille.


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