Belysning og tak
modulært system
Drop papir og cellulose

Lysmoduler er et papirbelysningssystem som skaper monumental belysning og tak for permanent og midlertidig mellomrom. Ved å bruke papir gir store installasjoner lette og myke diffusere lyset i interiøret. Det enkle lysmodulsystemet gjør taket til en levende og opplyst installasjon.

Light Modules

The three module sizes and the adjustable hight of each module, makes it possible to create an endless amount of 3 Dimensional ceiling landscape and chandelier designs. The system grid is made of aluminium and is attached onto or hanging from the ceiling and the shades are made out of Drop Paper that is a durable and fire proof paper. The Drop Paper comes in several colours, thicknesses and can also be printed with any pattern.


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