Alibi de rencontre

Alibi is based on reused materials, collected locally in nature and from regional industries. The manufacture of the Alibi uses craft techniques belonging to the Alpine region, such as basketry, climbing knots and sailors.

Design by Studio Ralston Bau.
In collaboration with the MAGASIN des Horizons Grenoble, the installation was carried out within the ESAAA during the spring of 2019. Alibi de rencontres has been selected for Annecy Paysages 2019 programming.

Participants in the realisation;
Dominique Morand, Architect, Marseille, France.
Heidi Malivin, Margaux Stievenart, Constantin Rouget - ESAAA students, Annecy, France.
Silje Tombre, Lina Haveland - UiB students, KMD Institute of Design, Bergen, Norway.

The Ideal Territory is part of the 2019 programming of the Idealist Institute which has been carried out in three countries; France, England and Norway. Students from the Product Design and Ceramics Department of Central Saint-Martins in London worked on the Ideal Modules: a similar reflection on their contextual complexity, and in relation to the object. Space Design students at the KMD Institute of Design in Bergen worked on habitat-related uses and ideal materials.

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