Norwegian wool, oak
Hand made in Europe
Oslo, Norway

After identifying our axe within your Molecular Ballet, defining our symbolic language dogma, we decided to work together on the extensification of our energies within working spaces. Those invisible but tangible forces are extending and rectracting, following versatilely our activity patterns. 
The evidence to work on our auras: they are considered by some to be made up of an apparent field of subtle, luminous radiation, electro-photonic vibrations that are generated in response to some sort of external excitation. What's key about an aura is that it contains information about the essence of the person or object that it surrounds. Designing a collection of items that will visualize your aura into space will extend and protect your energy, quality of focus and work.

Whispered insights

At the beginning of the year 2017, we tested the first ideas of the MurMur with simple models in co-working spaces in Oslo and Marseille. Out of the observations and feedbacks we discovered three major insights: Living modular rooms give the experience of a new space. Nature and randomness brings life and value to rooms. Visual confidentiality and echo sound-absorption provide a needed privacy in open spaces.


MurMur is enhancing the visual confidentiality requested by people. It also includes the most harmless collection of materials, with Norwegian regional wool based fabric, solid wood, and a design principle allowing anybody to fix and upgrade MurMur on its own way. This is truly addressing a longer longevity and life to MurMur, for the best of Nature and all of us.

Case location:

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