Co-working tables

Produced with
Local reclaimed wood
Limited serie | 2015

When we created the Camp Tables, we wanted to keep the design simple and honest, like the traditional outdoor camp tables assembled with the old wooden trunks tied together on site. Camp Tables are made from residual construction materials recovered on site, with their original thicknesses preserved. The passage of time and use is always visible on the table tops.

Ideal territory

Terrestrial human activity is accelerating disproportionately to available resources. We arrive at a pivotal and critical moment for the survival of the human species, and have three years to rethink all our uses and our eco-systems, to re-calibrate them with a degree of urgency similar to that of a world war. Without this, and according to James Anderson of the Climatology-Atmospheric Chemistry Department of Harvard (USA) in an interview published in the spring of 2018, human extinction will begin. A real decrease is therefore imperative, a new ecology of the human environment, as approached by the Oslo Architecture Triennale 2019.

Since 2017, the independent design studio Ralston Bau has committed to creating a design idealistic to decode the complexity of our world and connect people and shared spaces. Practicing transformative design, Ralston Bau takes ideas to action and complex questions to the essential object. The ideal territory is an immersion: a collective exploration in your context, school, city. The challenge is clearly to transform and (re) enchant our society without delay so that it is regenerating. We thus immersed ourselves collectively and individually in shared local spaces, met people we learn through empathic observations and interviews. In this urgent need for change, the solution lies in circular principles: to rethink value-chains for short cycles and networks across sectors, to reduce the climate footprint. We shared, visualised and tested these reflections via installation, proposals of tangible and activable uses: the Ideal Territories.

Camp tables

The Camp table space is a dining or work table, which defines its own space in the room. Its aerial structure gives it a greater spatial presence. The upper horizontal beam is an integral part of the design: the solutions developed to attach to it are a quilted curtain and hanging lighting. The table can therefore be transformed into an intimate workspace by simply adjusting the quilted curtain, to protect its space from visual and noise pollution.


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