When we were invited to explore and solve the challenges of Vestnes in 2006, our mission was identified as to deliver new appealing furnitures in a competitive market. Vestnes was mainly a regional and national actor in a complex international market. We rapidely realised that we had several clients: our host such as Vestnes, the ship owners, and their crew living onboard. Based on these dynamics, our team interviewed all stakeholders, explored and collected their points of view, defined and refined scenarios to optimise their life onboard. We unleashed powerful insights: if the goal of Vestnes, our first client, was to deliver sustainable and appealing interior collection, the goal of the ship owners was surprisingly very different: they are a critical issue to handle a far too high turn over. The crew was expensive to train for their tasks onboard; it was an big investement. This crew nevertheless used to quit their job and go else where faster than expected. It was speculated that it could be a financial issue and higher wages were implemented. It did not lower the turn over. What was the issue ? After going through our immersive phase of our transformative design process, we find out that the crew has multi-cultural background; it means that to make them feel at home, one had to handle several cultural patterns and rituals. Because what defines home is cultural and changing accordingly. And far from home the crew was feeling strongly: this was the powerful insight. Long cruising period up to six months were building up home sickness. We had to offer them the experience of being home. Our design team explored, defined and refined several bespoke interior following an optimal ergonomy in compact spaces, crafted a material palette that followed harbour names, such as the perfect location any crew could relate to, as home. Willy collection is so offering maritime interior collection such as Mumbai, Bergen, San Francisco, Jakarta. Each collection is proposed within our tailored sales strategy with refined and bespoke catalogues. Previously it could take Vestnes few months to sell a vessel interior, with back and forth adjustements. During the launching of Willy, they sold several vessels interiors within few hours, as all critical issues has been solved and solutions were balanced within each collection, creating a new value: each vessel could have its own interior identity. It was a good proof that our process operates fine and create values and happiness for all the stakeholders, from the owner, who had a lower turn over because the crew felt more at home, the producer, our client that got a systemised and scalable value chain, and the crew that ultimately had a better life onboard.

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