NDSM people

How can one plan an area and at the same time leave space for citizen intervention? The aim was not to solve this challenge in just the four days that our intervention lasted, but we wanted to investigate what people would do with the planned out area at the ferry arrival would they have
the possibility to change the plans. We called it make an “Ombestemmingsplan” in dutch or transformative planning.

34 high school students, class in French and political science at nearby Hyperion Lyceum participated in an in-situ workshop. They mapped and suggested usage of the wasteland in waiting for construction, based on their own perceived needs. Here are a witness account from one of the student group;
"We want more people to come to NDSM werf, we find that the construction site is very ugly and the noise is very loud. The students probably cannot focus on their homework. The construction site has to become a library with places to study because the need of students is to have a place to study in silence and many students lives at the NDSM werf. The small lake must become a garden, for recreation and for more nature in the NDSM. The concrete must be partially replaced by grass to create a beautiful place for the residents."

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