The Other Side

The Swedish/French designer duo Birgitta Ralston & Alexandre Bau have been inspired by the authentic magic of this last european wilderness and it's people; the Other Side reflect the soul of this earth and the Same spirit. A Same shaman drum drawing gives its symmetric layout to the resort, placing the individual houses and suites in a pattern covering the territory, while keeping it's genuine vegetation. Every house has it's own vital space and theme, expressed in contemporary forms merged with the regions genuine culture. Twelve Houses of Elements are designed following the elements that affect earth; wind, fire and water. Each house puts the visitor in a adventurous position in relation with nature, while providing total comfort. The Wind house is perched in the air, the Water house hovers over a pond and the Fire house offers a ritual fireplace outside. They are placed in groups of three that are joined by a tower: the Bathhouse, for private facilities. Each Bathhouse have a private lounge on the top, with fireplace, library and panoramic view. The Goddess Houses and suites have rich ornamental and Russian inspired interiors completed by fireplaces and fur, also found in the Other Side of the Moon restaurant. It's generous, modern cuisine, using local produce, is among the most recognized of the region. Soon the Red Sun Spa will propose full equipped installations, programmed to open in 2008.

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