Le Building Table

Solid Oliver ash
Produced by Figures de bois
Marseille, France

Marseille is contrasted, beautiful, rough. Desiring to craft a collection of essential objects dedicated to Marseilles identity, we started with a table inspired by the modernist building where the table was to be used. Le Building Canebière is a XX century heritage architecture, designed by the architects Fernand Pouillon and René Egger. The building construction with signature round pillars and square beams through all its ten floors, inspired the table design. The table is made with local wood and know-how from the region.

Marseille local crafts

To produce the first prototype of the Building Table, we found the experienced and cultural diversified wood workshop of Christophe Claeys, established in Marseille and trained in USA, not only in American traditional assemblies, but also Japanese master joinery. The top is designed with a weaving pattern underlined by the massive olive ash contrasting colouring.

Le Building Table

Le Building Table shape is wide and softly rounded with the legs off-set in the middle of the sides, making it as natural to be seated four people, as it is to be eight around it.

Case location:

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