Le Building Table

Solid Oliver ash
Produced by Figures de bois
Marseille, France

Since June 2018, we are part time exploring a new city with its patterns, identity in mouvement. It is a powerful human experience: Marseille is complex, attractive, rough. Desiring to craft a collection of essential objects dedicated to Marseille identity, we started to elaborate a scale of necessity and the table became evident. For a simple reason, we needed one as new migrants there. How to make a meaningful table with regional wood and history? How to monitor, identify, use the local essential know-how of our bio-region, wherever we are? The Building Canebière Table is the first part of a long history.

Marseille local crafts

After monitoring the region for appropriated knowledge and wood workshop that includes not only knowledge but also cultural diversity, we found Christophe Claeys, who has been trained in USA not only with American traditional regional method, but also Japanese mastering ones. For those reasons, we took approach as the essence of this project is to focus and unleash the value chain of local know how, to tackle mass production market and propose regional circular loops to our citizens.

Le Building Table

Based on those values, we designed the Building table. It is inspired by the modernist construction of the Building Canebière in Marseille where we have our studio, designed by the architects Fernand Pouillon and F. Bart, P. Borel, R. Egger, J. Estienne, L. Pierre, J.-L. Sourdeau Architects. It is made in regional massive oliver ash wood, and hand made by the local craftsman Christophe Claeys in his workshop. We pushed also his boundaries proposing an unexpected pattern of woven wood, also reducing the wood waste in this process, by using smaller interconnected parts.

Case location:

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